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We are obsessed with helping in-house marketing teams unite strategy with tactical execution – while quickly capturing some fantastic media attention to build brand-awareness.

In our experience, in-house marketing teams face intense and often shifting pressures. Sure, we can help you with a particular service, but our customizable value packages  help you attack and resolve root problems.

As a sidebar, check out our Social Mission.  We don’t want superficial relationships.  We want high quality.  We’re betting you do too – and so do your customers.

David Francoeur

Chief Marketing Officer

David’s specialty is uniting a compelling brand strategy with tactical marketing brilliance! His expertise drives transformational revenue growth.

Steve Cotroneo

Creative Director

Steve has been making stunning designs and animations for major companies for twenty years. He's worked with companies like MIT, ACI Wordwide, and NationWide.

Lucia Conchello

Graphic Designer

Lucia Conchello is a Massachusetts College of Art and Design graduate. Her design specialties are web and print. Along with designing, she does web development.

Mark Maguire

Engineer, Systems Architect, and Manager

Mark is an experienced and talented engineer, systems architect, and manager. No one gets things done like him!

Curt Fetter

Video Director and Producer

Curt’s been creating videos since 1992, having started his career in audio engineering and the world of computer music composition. Top-notch video talent!

Kyle Reeves

Certified Google Ads Professional

Kyle’s a “no-nonsense” Premier Google Partner, specializing in SEO, PPC and driving high quality digital marketing results!

Ashlee Myers

Digital Marketing Expert

Graduate of Texas A&M, Ashlee rocks digital marketing: social, content, writing, ad design, analytics. She delivers clear benefits & impact to our clients!

Jana Collins

Public Relations and Product Placement

Jana Collins is based in Hollywood and has star power attracting major media, trade journal and local press attention for our clients.

Steve Cushinsky

Buyer Persona, Prospect List Acquisition Expert

Steve’s buyer persona, customer profiling analysis and new prospect list acquisition expertise is on par with the world’s largest agencies.

Ernie Foster

Print Expert

Ernie delivers deep vertical integration for Global CMO offering: digital and offset commercial printing, full lettershop, and fulfillment services.

Greg Mandile

Web Developer

Greg offers extensive website design, programming, hosting and post-launch content/SEO services. He is a big believer in “build it right the first time!”

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