Major Media, Major ROI

We Create a Buzz for our clients. Why? The ROI simply can't be beat. That's why we present our clients with solid PR opportunities first and at no cost. From there, we sharpen your brand and product messaging for the media. We consistently capture extensive amounts of free media coverage - often generating hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars in free annual media coverage. Some say this is old school. We agree. It works. Why not create a buzz?

Sales Tools: Why Should I Buy?

Creating a buzz is what sales wants and needs. So why not give it to them? Because we're sharpening your messaging in a way that clearly resonates with reporters and editors, we're well positioned to create superior sales tools that resonate with prospects at the point-of-sale. From capabilities brochures and sales presentations (yes, more old school that works) to HTML 5 banners, social media, thought leadership, and even PPC as a simultaneous-lead-generator/value-prop-tester, we're obsessed with sharpening your Why Should I Buy?

Brand Leader, Local Feeder

Sales needs a stage. As reporters and editors elevate your brand, they become de facto opinion leaders. Why not invite them to speak at your breakfast/evening/networking event? Once the media attends, other key leaders will also want to join. Combined with your own subject matter experts, these local events give sales A Reason to Call, they liven up social media - and they help build your sales funnel! Frequently, the events themselves produce additional media coverage. Easy to record, they become sticky digital assets to complement larger inbound marketing programs.

The Chemistry of Winning

Marketing is a shifting blend between art and science, between old school and new techniques. We believe in the Primacy of Public Relations because if you pitch the media and they don't give you press, you are off-message. Our job is to keep you on-brand and on-message. This forms our chemistry of winning. We want long-term, happy clients. So we start by offering you Free PR. Once you experience our superior price-to-value, we're confident you'll want to work with us. Why cloud it up with contracts and retainers as a first step?