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Our social mission is to erase age, gender and culture gaps that diminish career opportunities, and saddle employers with unacceptably high turn-over rates, cost, and lost productivity.

Are you feeling:

  • Frustrated by conflicting signals on how to advance your career?
  • Misunderstood or let-down by older bosses or peers?
  • Exasperated with a difficult person or work culture?
  • Imprecise on the do’s & don’ts of getting ahead?
  • Unwittingly sabotaging your own career?

Do you want to:

  • Connect your top desires to your daily routine?
  • Project a strong personal brand & secure a better job title?
  • Differentiate yourself as a leader?
  • Attract the best assignments & higher pay?
  • Increase your value to the company – and yourself?
  • Become a beacon of professional etiquette?
  • Become the magnet everyone wants to work with!?

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October 3, 2019

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Tuscan Kitchen Seaport

Boston, MA

Discover how too many people of all ages unwittingly sabotage their own careers — and how to fix it

A Step-bystep leadership development program for young professionals

How we help individuals:

Seminar students will learn how to:

  • Critique yourself in a healthy way to fire-up personal growth & career excitement
  • Learn how to absorb constructive criticism with grace and ease
  • Increase productivity (and reduce frustration) with older bosses & peers
  • Resolve generational & gender “culture gaps” (you’re going to love the practical advice here!)
  • Inventory your own strengths & weaknesses
  • Learn savvy negotiation skills to reduce costs
  • Improve individual & team productivity & happiness
  • Increase employee retention & reduce turn-over rates
  • Build meaningful trust & loyalty for yourself – and your employer
  • Become adept at conflict management
  • Deal with difficult people – and turn-around any failure
  • Master the art of delegation
  • Stop (inadvertently) sabotaging your own career 
  • Differentiate yourself by becoming a can-do individual contributor
  • Initiate action on difficult issues holding you (and your company) back
  • Position yourself as a leader with true career growth potential
  • Avoid wide-ranging stereotypes to attract more meaningful work
  • Become a beacon of professional etiquette (the person everyone looks up to)
  • Understand how sophisticated marketing works – and how to build your own personal brand
  • Deploy a series of tips-n-tricks to boost your self-confidence (even when you feel low)
  • Bring your best self to light (it’s corny, but we’re dead serious)

Today's young professionals face massive disruption in the workplace.

How we help Employers:

Employers benefit by gaining employees who are:

  • Intrinsically motivated rather than seeking superficial accolades
  • Increasing employee retention & decreasing turn-over rates
  • Engaged & focused on delivering bottom-line results
  • Capable of navigating conflict & ambiguity
  • Efficient in giving & receiving constructive criticism
  • Emotionally intelligent & cognizant of their daily impact
  • Proactive in applying themselves to independent problem solving
  • Savvy in negotiating with all vendors to reduce costs
  • Able to analyze all stakeholders to the organization’s success
  • Adept at overcoming age, gender & culture gaps
  • Consistently connecting their personal goals to commercial targets
  • Focused on increasing trust between the employer & employees
  • Reducing disengagement, turn-over & inefficiencies

Never before in history have demographics, technology, automation, and economic disruption Created such demand for a seminar to benefit employees and employers — and to fulfill our social mission!


About your instructor

Dynamic, fun and engaging, David Francoeur brings unique perspective to the field of career development: he is one of the few individuals’ who’s worked in-depth with the GI, Silent, Boomer, Gen X and Millennial generations.

For over 30 years working in start-ups, turn-arounds and Fortune 50 companies, David has fine-tuned a Leadership Development Program that fires up personal growth and career.

Through compelling narratives and easy-to-adopt tools, David teaches how employees and their employers both need to win in today’s never-before-in-history challenging work environment.  

David holds a bachelors’ degree from Marquette University (1988). He completed the Art of Venturing in Corporate & Independent Settings Executive Program at the Kellogg Graduate School (1992) and, more recently, completed the Leadership Development & Coaching Program at Churchill College, University of Cambridge in England (2016).  

David was one of the youngest in the nation and of his generation (Gen X) to run for U.S. Congress in 1998, advocating for a platform of “unity across the generations.”  

David cares passionately about our social purpose: to erase age, gender and culture gaps to increase economic opportunity for all. 

At the end of each seminar, David has a special invitation:
Join our Innovation Advisory Board.

While you’ll get to cite that you are a Advisory Board Member on your LinkedIn profile, the real value is that you’ll will be connecting to like-minded new people and advancement opportunities, all committed to fulfilling our social mission.

I hope to see you soon!