David Francoeur...

Dynamic, Results-Driven, Global Head of Marketing who creates world-class brands and delivers aggressive growth and measurable, sustainable multimillion-dollar outcomes within the commodities and energy industry. Uncovers "hidden value" and aligns robust demand generation programs with sales and new product development priorities. Executes marketing plans that attract major media attention and lucrative partnerships, while delivering aggressive top/bottom-line performance. Sought out time and again for ability to articulate direction, create compelling content, lead/build cohesive teams and to win the trust and consensus from all stakeholders. Thrives in international environments.

Value Contribution Snapshot

  • New Market Entry: Increased awareness and drove $35M in sales of FLIR's optical imaging technology across global petrochemical markets. Overcame complex U.S. federal regulations as well as entrenched internal and industry biases by leading Washington lobbying, refocusing marketing to deliver high quality sales leads, and personally securing 60 Minutes and ABC National News, http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/global-warming- greenhouse-gases- detected-flir- gas-finder- cameras/story?id=9296465.
  • Turnaround: Reversed FLIR's $26M in annual losses to earnings of $230M annually over 10 years - leading to the Top 10 Performer of the Decade Award by CNBC. Replicated gap analysis, content development, demand generation and integrated sales and marketing model across 24+ diverse vertical markets. Created the industry's leading annual conference. Presented extensively on how FLIR and Genscape redefined weekly crude oil inventory forecasts as a proxy for the future price of oil, favorably disrupting oil trading markets.
  • Aggressive Growth in Competitive Market: Propelled sales from $38M to $100M for Genscape products by executing an aggressive and comprehensive marketing and public relations strategy. Secured $19M in partnerships with Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, favorably upending the previously duopoly-restricted market access. Cited as the "undisputed vanguard of their industry" in front-page coverage in The Wall Street Journal, https://www.wsj.com/articles/traders-seek-an-edge-with-hightech-snooping-1387426263. Gained $5M in free global media coverage (independent audit) with the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, Fox Business, NPR, The Economist, Forbes, BBC, Le Monde, etc.
  • International Business Development: Increased revenue from $3M to $8M over 4 years for a W.R. Grace offshore oil exploration product line by customizing country-by- country marketing plans. Leveraging local sales input, our new channel partners locked-in long-term competitive differentiators and premium pricing to gain market share in hard-to- penetrate Germany, Japan, Singapore, Latin American and other global markets.

Walks the Talk. Authentic. Inspirational. Insightful. Creative. Technical. Personable. Wants to Win.

Executive Strengths

  • Demand Generation
  • Content & Thought Leadership
  • Vision & Branding
  • Public Relations
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Communications
  • Product Development and Launch
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Channel Expansion/Co- Marketing
  • Integrated Up/Cross Selling
  • Traditional, Digital and Social Media
  • Performance Metrics, Line-Item ROI
  • CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot, Pardot, etc.
  • Privacy/Email Regulatory Compliance
  • International Marketing
  • Conferences and Events
  • Sales Closing Tools
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Recruiting, Mentoring and Coaching

Achieving Brand Leadership through Marketing Execution

ClipperData LLC, Boston, MA

Data analytics start-up serving the maritime and cargo tracking sector of the commodities and energy industry; 35 employees.


Recruited to ClipperData to rapidly elevate the brand via major media, establish trust with high-value partnerships, and launch new demand generation/client engagement programs to scale revenue growth.

  • Increased YoY sales 70% by expanding prospect database from 2,000 to 24,000 in 1 year, co-marketing with new partners (ICE, RBN, Morningstar, Ursa, Morgan Stanley), launching a global mini-conference series, and continuously publishing compelling new content. Achieved #1 oil blog in the industry rating by DrillingInfo.
  • Negotiated an exclusive, no-cost, 1-day advance "EIA Weekly U.S. Imports & Exports Forecast" with the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), capturing 1,000 sales leads, and positioning us well for future offerings.
  • Co-authored various well-timed "market commentary reports" to further drive demand, while creating a constant stream of "public relations exclusives" shared regularly on CNBC, CNN, WSJ and the Financial Times.
Genscape, Inc., Boston, MA

$100M data analytics provider serving the commodities and energy sectors; 300 employees.


Recruited by the CEO to revamp global marketing and re-position the brand for transformational growth. Implemented extensive content development, demand generation and public relations programs. Helped create and close $19M in new Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters channel partnerships.

  • Cited by $4B DMGT portfolio (Genscape's parent) leaders for executing the "best sales and marketing integration they had ever seen." Selected as "portfolio marketing leader" to advise other portfolio companies on how to customize a Strategy & Marketing Model to drive aggressive revenue growth.
  • Capitalized on fast-breaking commodity market events by pairing direct (PUSH) marketing with simultaneous major media engagement (PULL). With this classic "PUSH/PULL" marketing model, we routinely dominated global news coverage in our sector, capturing approximately $5M in annual free media value.
  • Built sophisticated CRM platforms and workflows, growing our prospect database from 3,000 to 425,000 names over 3 years. Further, by mentoring junior staff peer-to- peer relationships between Genscape and Bloomberg/Reuters, Genscape locked up the best speaking opportunities and other "co-marketing assets."
  • Organized internal product teams and analysts to establish direct reporter-to- analyst relationships, as well as streamlining marketing's ability to repurpose base content into webinars, Twitter posts, email blasts, conference presentations, etc. Fused with fun internal events (ice cream socials), the organization adopted a natural and energetic marketing mindset that produced original ideas to further drive demand.
FLIR Systems, Billerica, MA

$6.4B electronics manufacturer initially serving the energy sector, expanded across dozens of industries; 2,800 employees.


Recruited to turn around an organization in revenue free-fall, losing $23M annually. Managed a $6.5M annual marketing budget and team of 30. Implemented a "mass customization" model that increased earnings to $230M over 10 years, helping the company win the Top 10 Performer of the Decade Award by CNBC.

  • Personally facilitated numerous global focus groups to identify competitive differentiators, translating new customer wants into new product launches, and successfully penetrating dozens of new vertical markets.
  • Successfully changed U.S. EPA regulations for petrochemical leak detection programs which, in turn, opened up the entire global market. Executed a global demand generation program yielding $35M.
  • Netted $17M from green building launch strategy, which was featured on This Old House and Today Show.
  • Yielded $7M in sales from championing a disruptive law enforcement market penetration strategy.
  • Implemented a classic PUSH/PULL marketing demand generation model that simultaneously garnered extensive media attention, new global partners, and aggressive revenue growth across dozens of markets.
  • Won President's Award for unifying sales, marketing and new product teams under a voice-of- the-customer research model to create long-term competitive advantage for the same base technology.

Earlier professional progression: Held sales, product, marketing and business development management positions for companies that included W.R. Grace & Company, Inc., AT&T, Zefer, Inc., and Information Mapping Inc.


BS, Business Administration, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
International Marketing, Ealing College, London, England
Art of Venturing, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
Leadership Development Program, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England